Our Top Rated Places To Visit In Morocco

water falling down on a morrocan cave tour

Morocco is associated with an exotic and wondrous experience with conjurers, snake charmers, and souks that contain an array of treasures along with endless cups of mint tea. This is also a destination of an adventure into parts of North Africa’s beautiful scenery along with a desert on your doorstep and craggy heights of the Atlas Mountains.

Morocco is one of those journeys into a tranquil and timeless world which features quaint coastal villages and towns that have been colorfully painted which cling to the remote outposts and hillsides which are defended by the fairytale adobe-forts. This beautiful country merges Arab and African worlds and is steeped in a rich and cultural history. Here are a few of the best places you can select on your next trip or honeymoon package to Morocco.

• Marrakesh Medina

The vibrant and bustling buzz linked with the Marrakesh Medina pretty much sums up what Morocco is about for the majority of visitors. Once you are in the Medina, you find yourself in a place filled with maze-like alleyways along with shopkeeper hustle. This experience is associated with noisy and full-colored local life and is not a destination to miss along your sightseeing trails.

• Oudaias Kasbah

The neighborhood of Rabat’s Oudaias is a peaceful and quaint district which will make you feel like you are miles from the actual city, yet this neighborhood is in the center of the city. Here you will find lanes of white-and-blue neat homes which are rimmed with colorful flowerpots along with flapping washing. It’s rated as one of the prettiest corners in this capital.

• Tangier

beautiful sunset over the city of tangiersRated as the most European in comparison to all the other Moroccan cities, Tangier has a slightly debauched and fascinating role in the 20th-century history, and its past is what attracts a variety of tourists. This city was inspired by the famous works of William Burroughs “Naked Lunch” and Paul Bowles “The Sheltering Sky.” Tangier may have evolved since the days of louche bars and bohemian cafes, but you are still able to capture whiffs of decadent days of the past.

• Volubilis

The number one Roman ruin in Morocco is a great treat for the history-lovers. This site features temple remnants, tumbled columns that serve as a reminder of a vast empire that eventually crumbles. This famous tourist attraction is easy to visit in a planned day trip from Fes or Meknes.

• Alt Ben Haddou

This golden adobe fortress thrusts dramatically from the earth along with scenery that amazes all tourists and visitors. This fairytale spot along with the orange-hued turrets is now one of the preferred film locations in regards to its surreal beauty. If you are visiting the inland regions in Morocco, this area should feature on your list of places to see. We went here with wanderlustvoyagestravel.com and had a great time.

• Essaouira

One of the more charming seaside villages in Morocco, Essaouira is an old-hippie haunt from the 1970’s which has maintained its authenticity. Colorful fishing boats bob over the waters, and the old shore-side stately fort along with the twisty lanes make Essa a real delight to explore.

• Hassan II Mosque

The landmark building of Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque is regarded as a truly lavish symbol of Morocco. The modern mosque completed in 1993 features decorative details that cover every inch of this outstanding 2 ha site which took more than 10,000 artisans to finish. The intricately carved marble, zellige-tile details, and vibrant mosaics are a tribute to the traditional side of Islamic architecture, while still managing to pull off a contemporary feel.

• Fes el Bali

Fes along with Marrakesh is another important cultural destination. However, unlike the Imperial City of the South, Fes has not been trussed up to accommodate tourists. Fes el Bali was known as “Old City” is an authentic mix-up of a location where it is easy to become lost. Back alleys along with chipped plaster-work and gorgeous historical doors, will have you pulling your camera out around each corner. The stinking Tanneries are one of the more popular attractions in Fes el Bali for the tourists and visitors who can take the smell.